Robert Pattinson: Why ‘Twilight’ Made Me Feel Useless

Kirstin Benson
Robert Pattinson: Why ‘Twilight’ Made Me Feel Useless
Robert Pattinson: Why ‘Twilight’ Made Me Feel Useless

Robert Pattinson will always be indebted to the franchise that put him on the map, but in a new revealing interview, he says it stunted his growth as an artist too.

As much as Robert Pattinson appreciates what playing the leading role in The Twilight Saga did for his career, he almost seems embarrassed about the films when talking about them in interviews. However, in this brand new interview, the 26-year-old reveals it’s not Twilight‘s fault…he just felt stunted playing the same part for years on end. Can you blame him?

“I mean, playing the same part for a while… You just run out of ideas,” he explains to “You feel kind of useless, you don’t know what to do any more. I’m not trying to get away from it. You’re screwing yourself, you’re saying you think your work is sh*t if you try to get away from it.”

He adds, “And I never thought it was. I kind of got to the end of my inspiration. You get to the point where you’re like, ‘I don’t want to do a film for a teen audience any more.’”

We’ve loved Rob on the big screen for teens, but totally get his point. After years and years of the same role, it’s no wonder he’s ready to branch out and do independent and more artistic projects, like Cosmopolis.

Do you think he’s bashing Twilight in this interview, or just explaining his point of view? Sound off below!

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