Robert Pattinson Is Sad & Angry At ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere — Expert

Chloe Melas
HollywoodLife.comAugust 14, 2012
Robert Pattinson Is Sad & Angry At ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere — Expert
Robert Pattinson Is Sad & Angry At ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere — Expert was at Rob's premiere Aug. 13 and our body language expert tells us that even though he was smiling on the carpet, he's actually incredibly upset! Read on to find out why.

Robert Pattinson is doing his absolute best to appear strong during his public appearances. can tell you that Rob looked calm, cool and collected on the Cosmopolis red carpet Aug. 13 — but our body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells us that this is the first time Rob hasn't looked genuinely happy. "Rob is sad and serious," Dr. Glass tells us. "He has his hand all the way in his pockets, which indicates he has something to hide. We usually never seen Rob's eyes because he is usually photographed around Kristen with a genuine smile and eyes krinkling. Here he is so serious, and we actually see what color his eyes are now." During Rob's sit-down interview on The Daily Show, Rob did his best to avoid talking about Kristen Stewart. Every time Jon Stewart pointed out the breakup, Rob would laugh and look down, Dr. Glass says that this is an indication that he is incredibly sad. "He has leaked out

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