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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 4 Children Pay The Price Of His Abandoning Mary Kennedy

Bonnie Fuller
May 17, 2012

Whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cheated on his troubled wife Mary or not, she clearly could not cope with how quickly he moved on. Now, his children have lost their mother and will never get over their grief.

Could Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have held off on dating Hollywood actress Cheryl Hines? Did he really have to move completely across the country to immerse himself in his new glam life and leave his lonely and depressed wife alone in their Westchester home?

After 18 years of marriage and four children, didn’t he owe her more support, especially when he was very familiar with her history of drug and alcohol abuse?

Could he have prevented her tragic suicide by hanging by not so completely abandoning her? Maybe not. Sometimes, people are so depressed, that not even intervention can not stop them from harming themselves.

But it sure seems like poor Mary Kennedy was overwhelmed by the loss of her famous and glamorous husband, who always was a celeb favorite as he headed up efforts to save New York’s historic Hudson River from pollution. He founded the international Waterkeeper Alliance and was chief prosecutor of the New York-based Riverkeeper organization which ultimately forced General Electric to pay to clean up most of the PCBs which they dumped into the river. He courted celebrities like Harrison Ford, Lorraine Bracco and John McEnroe, who became big supporters.

Too bad he didn’t put the same effort into saving his marriage to Mary, who lost her driving license after being charged with a DUI in 2010. Robert, 58, filed for divorce on May 12, 2010, two days after Mary called police to complain about her husband — but she appeared “visibly intoxicated” when the cops arrived, according to police reports, writes the New York Post.

It appears from the comments of friends and neighbors that with her marriage falling apart, Mary was a devatasted soul. She was “loney” and felt “lost,” according to a neighbor quoted in the NY Daily News. Mary felt “used up and tossed away” by Robert, a close family friend told the New York Post.

“She was expected to toe the line, stay quiet and take care of the kids, tolerate the affairs, and look happy,” another anonymous friend told the New York Post. “The alleged affairs took a terrible toll.”

Well, whether the affairs are true or not, Robert did leave her thousands of miles behind and left her also allegedly with financial worries — she feared she’d lose her home, according to Radaronline.

Her two older children were away at school and apparently her two younger children were with her husband when she took her life.

You can only imagine how after all those years of being a good wife and lovingly raising her children, she felt unneeded and unloved. Now, those four children will be motherless and will be haunted by the guilt that somehow they were responsible. They will never get over her needless death.

Robert Kennedy — could you have been a little more attentive to Mary? Could you have made sure she was getting the help she needed? Could you have relieved her financial worries?

Did you really need to pull the rug out from under her fragile soul quite so much?

Was dating a celebrity so soon really necessary?

Listen, maybe nothing you could have done would make a difference, but one thing is for sure — you have to do EVERYTHING for your children now to help them deal with the terrible loss of their mother.

Bonnie Fuller

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 4 Children Pay The Price Of His Abandoning Mary Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 4 Children Pay The Price Of His Abandoning Mary Kennedy