Rihanna Texts Chris Brown: You Want To Go Out?

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Rihanna Texts Chris Brown: You Want To Go Out?
Rihanna Texts Chris Brown: You Want To Go Out?

Rihanna is interested in reuniting with Chris Brown on the dance floor! She really misses him!

Chris Brown and Rihanna can’t stay away from each other for long and HollywoodLife.com can exclusively reveal she texted Chris last night in an attempt to meet up with him again.

Our source tells us Rihanna sent Chris a text message last night that read: “U goin out tonite?”

The insider says “She must be feeling some type of way because she trying to do this New York [crap] all over again.” They continue, “She texted [him] and asked if he [was] going out tonight. When I saw that I was like whoa, she’s feeling it. It’s party central for her I guess.”

So did Chris take the bait? “I don’t know what Chris [is going to] do but I don’t think he should go out,” the source revealed when we spoke to him yesterday. “If she want to see him and[stuff] they should do it in private not in a club. He [hasn't responded] back to her yet, he just took his phone and went downstairs. He thinks it [is] funny or what not but they be playing around with each other so much I don’t know what the f**k is going on. So they may be out tonight I don’t know. Here the f**k we go again.”

We’ll keep you posted if the couple did in fact reunite at a club on Friday night. Do you hope they partied together?

Reporting by Eric Mitchell

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