Has Rihanna Put Chris Brown on Her New Song?

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Ever since Sunday's Grammy Awards, the subject of Chris Brown's post-abuse repentance has been a hot topic from The View to Insider.com.

Chris Brown - An Insider.com Op-Ed

But all the debates return to the same central question: Has Chris reformed enough to earn our forgiveness?

While his "hacked" Twitter account would suggest otherwise, the person with the biggest say in the matter has apparently switched back over to Team Chris. And that's Rihanna.

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Hooking Up?

Not only did Chris' rep confirm that he attended Rihanna's birthday party on Monday, but now, according to multiple sources, Rihanna and Chris have also reunited in the studio to record an expanded remix of Cake, a 78 second track on her latest CD, Talk That Talk.

The rumor was first floated earlier this week when the track's producers, Da Internz, told MTV News, "We got the Rihanna Birthday Cake coming out in a week," Kosine said. "And the feature on there is gonna shock the world." Naturally everyone logically jumped to Chris since that would be pretty much the most shocking duet imaginable (save for a Lil' Kim/Nicki Minaj joint).

Rihanna's Super Sexy Grammys Gown

The rumor has been "confirmed" by several sources, the most legit being Hot97's Miss Info -- two sources confirm to her that Chris sings a verse on the track and raps another. It should also be noted that Da Internz responded to a Tweet from @RihannaForums asking if this story was true. They replied "NOPE" but then later deleted the Tweet.

It's tough to know how to feel about this news -- obviously everyone is entitled to a second chance, but Chris' public displays of aggression in the wake of his Rihanna arrest don't seem to indicate that he's terribly contrite. Additionally, Rihanna became the unintentional face for domestic violence when the disturbing images of her brutal assault leaked online. What kind of message would this musical reunion send to those fans?

For her part, Rihanna recently Tweeted, "They can say whatever, Ima do whatever... No pain is forever <-----YUP! YOU KNOW THIS."

Whether or not the info is legit remains to be seen -- the revamped track is rumored to be dropping early next week, but if it turns out to be true, and Rihanna and Chris Brown's duet goes on sale, this is one fan who won't be splurging on some Cake.

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