Rihanna Is ‘Disappointed’ With Drake About His Entourage’s Fight With Chris Brown

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Rihanna Is ‘Disappointed’ With Drake About His Entourage’s Fight With Chris Brown
Rihanna Is ‘Disappointed’ With Drake About His Entourage’s Fight With Chris Brown

A close friend of Rihanna’s tells HollywoodLife she’s upset about Drake and his entourage starting the fight with Chris!

We already knew Rihanna was “distraught” about Chris Brown and Drake‘s fight over her and now a friend of the singer’s tells us she’s particularly upset with Drake for starting everything.

“Rihanna is definitely not sleeping with that fool Drake and she’s kind of disappointed in him for all the s**t that went down. It’s true, she has texted and reached out to Chris by text message just to make sure he’s ok. I don’t know if she’s texted Drake already — he’s kind of on her s**t list now,” the source reveals.

The insider wanted to clarify that while Rihanna still has feelings for Chris, she doesn’t have to answer to him. “Rihanna likes Chris and I know that boy is crazy about her but let me make this CLEAR, they are not together. So she doesn’t have to assure him [of anything]. Who she’s [sleeping with] is not Chris’ business. He ain’t her daddy.”

In fact, Rihanna is upset that the boys involved her in their drama. Our source continues, “She’s innocent in all this messy ass high school s**t and she HATES that her name is mentioned and associated with the bulls**t. With that said, she genuinely hopes both of them are okay and wants them both to be well and knock it off. It’s been a long week and now more than ever she needs to go out and party or have a one or two or even three drinks and forget about all the [...] drama that’s been taking place.”

What do you guys think? Should Rihanna be upset with Drake? Do you think she should just stay out of it?

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