Revolution: Show Boss Hints At Drama Ahead -- Our Heroes Are 'Totally Outmanned & Overwhelmed'

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"Revolution" won't be back on NBC until March, but when the show returns, viewers won't have missed a single moment.

"We pick up exactly where we leave off. I can tell you that," "Revolution" Executive Producer Eric Kripke said on Sunday at the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013, when asked during the "Revolution" panel how the drama will resume.

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As fans of the show recall, a helicopter was being powered by one of the pendants, and looming in the air over a frozen-in-fear Charlie, Miles and the gang, after they escaped Monroe's facility.

"I can tell you that Monroe, we don't take away that card that we gave as the cliffhanger. Monroe does have choppers, he does have a little bit of power and [it] helps him become -- really, for me, giving him power was more about making him an unstoppable force that your heroes are totally outmanned and overwhelmed as they're trying to battle against him and we play that out," Kripke continued. "And basically, we start to deliver officially on the promise of the title and the 'Revolution' really starts. The 'Revolution' begins."

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The show boss added that the series will look at our heroes' ties to each other as they try to take on some serious situations with the odds stacked against them.

"The story becomes about can this family - some of them are related by blood, some of them are just related by loyalty -- can they stick together in the face of these overwhelming odds and this overwhelming danger and can you maintain your soul when you're a warrior?" he said. "Yes, the show is about power and the show is about the mythology and mystery and all that but... for me, the show's just about these characters and really trying to find the human part of them and the good guys doing the wrong thing and the bad guys doing the right things, and everyone's doing them for the right and wrong reasons and how can they all find each other in the darkness.

"At its core, in the writers' room, we talk about this like this is a family show, this is 'The Waltons,' with swords. So we really want to make sure that it always has an incredible amount of heart," he added.

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"Revolution" returns on March 25 at 10/9c on NBC.

-- Jolie Lash

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