Report: Lindsay Lohan Ahead Of Schedule On Morgue Duty Obligation

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Lindsay Lohan arrives for her probation violation hearing at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on November 2, 2011 -- Getty Premium

Has the tide turned for Lindsay Lohan? The actress, who was recently admonished in court for her failure to complete judge-mandated community service, is actually ahead of schedule for her most recent assignment, according to a new report.

With three weeks to spare until her December 14 deadline, Lindsay has reportedly completed 10 of her 12 court-ordered morgue duty shifts, according to TMZ.

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Not only is she on track schedule-wise, law enforcement sources reportedly told the website that Lindsay has a good reputation around the morgue, and she's "polite, hard-working and never complains about the work."

As previously reported on, Lindsay spent less than five hours in the Century Regional Detention facility in Lynwood, Calif., earlier this month, after being ordered to serve a 30-day jail sentence for violating probation after the actress was booted from a community service assignment at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles.

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In addition to the jail sentence, Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lindsay to undergo psychotherapy sessions and serve 423 hours at the county morgue by March 29, 2012.

The judge also said Lindsay can no longer leave the country and must obtain the permission of her new probation officer to travel outside California.

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