Reba finds out whether change is actually good on 'Malibu Country' Christmas episode [Exclusive video]

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Christmas is coming to ABC's Nashville-meets-Southern California sitcom, "Malibu Country," starring country-music icon Reba and comedy legend Lily Tomlin. In the upcoming episode, "Merry Malibu Christmas," Reba -- hoping for a singing-career comeback in California -- is in for a surprise, but it might not be the one she's expecting.

In this exclusive clip, Reba (which is also her character's name) comes home to find her mother, Lillie Mae (Lily Tomlin), switching up their holiday customs in a shockingly pink way, subbing out a traditional pine Christmas tree for a woodless pink wonder. Looks like Reba's Tennessee traditions are getting a West Coast twist. But as her mama tells her, change is good.

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The tree isn't too much just for Reba; it's a lot even for Geoffrey (Jai Rodriguez), the campy record-label assistant assigned to help get Reba's career on track. There's more than just tree talk on the agenda, though. Reba and Geoffrey are over the moon that she might be singing the solo during her new church's Christmas Eve service -- something she did every year at her church in Nashville. And this isn't just any church. As Geoffrey puts it, "The First Church of Malibu is red-hot. It was listed as one of the top 10 power churches. Their AA meetings are the who's who of Hollywood."

Reba reminds her family that she still has to audition, but Geoffrey insists that with her voice the audition is just a formality. He's convinced that this performance could launch her "huge superstar singing career."

Will Reba get the gig, kick-starting her career? Find out when "Merry Malibu Christmas" airs on Friday, 12/14 at 8:30 PM on ABC.