Oscars 2012: Live Blogging Inside The Academy Awards (Dish Of Salt)

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Jonah Hill arrives at the 84th Annual Academy Awards held at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood on February 26, 2012 -- Getty Images

AccessHollywood.com's Laura Saltman is inside the Academy Awards capturing all the amazing Oscar moments the cameras didn't see!

7:35 PM PST - Just explained to Jason Segel how my friend met his fiancee through his "How I Met Your Mother" co-star Josh Radnor. He laughs and says "Awww. Best thing to come out of the show."

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7:15 - OK, this bar is seriously hopping now. After losing Best Supporting Actor, Jonah Hill comes in. Sandra Bullock hits the bar. Emma Stone grabs a glass and hops on her iPhone. Sandra walks over to introduce herself to Emma. Emma stands up when she shakes her hand and exclaims, "Oh my god! I love you". She's sweetly humbled by Sandra gushing over her. They share a toast. Jonah Hill comes over to chat with Emma after Sandra leaves. Jonah spots Jason Segel and yells "Jay, Jay" for him to come over. Emma, Jason and Jonah hold court.

7:00 - We heard that someone swore on stage accepting an award for best documentary "Undefeated." Right as we were talking about it, the producer of the film laughs and says to us "That was my guy!" It was the director TJ Martin. Now I wonder if that was planned because Diddy - aka Sean Combs - made a bet last week on the radio with Ryan Seacrest that someone would swear.

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6:55 - I've now seen girls wearing the dress I wore to the Emmy's last year and the year before. I least I wore them before they hit retail stores!

6:54 - Glenn is still here and the most random group of celebs Christopher Lloyd, Robert Forrester and Matthew Lillard.

6:38 - Glenn Close skips the Cirque de Soleil performance opting instead to hang by the bar. She's drinking water.

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6:32 - Just walked by "Star Trek's" Zachary Quinto. Access' MovieMantz didn't even see him. The biggest Trekkie on the planet didn't notice Spock!?? "I only recognize him one way," Mantz laughs.

6:20 - Anna Farris with a blonde '20s flapper style bob hangs with her husband at the VIP bar. Melanie Griffith returns to her seat after a quick bathroom break.

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6:15 - Just got downstairs to the first floor lobby bar with Access' own MovieMantz. The champagne is flowing and this is where all the action is. So what were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie doing while Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz were presenting? They were at the bar but watching them intently on the monitor.

5:25 - So how hard is it to get into the Oscars? Even Meryl Streep needs a ticket, at least according to a security guard who stopped her at the door getting in. Her escort looks at the guy and says "She's Meryl Streep!" The guard then pauses and says "I didn't mean you."

5:20 - Jean Dujardin finally makes it into the theater only to be accosted by fans constantly shaking his hand. Poor guy must be so overwhelmed tonight.

5:19 - I nearly tripped and ran into Gary Oldman. These Oscar dresses are dangerous.

5:15 - Sandra Bullock and Octavia Spencer share a giddy girl moment laughing it up together.

5:10 - Time to pack in the star gazing and head up the long staircase to the theater. George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler are right behind me but get taken down a side entrance. They walk by a group of seat fillers who nearly lose it when they see him. Meanwhile, Viola Davis has to take the stairs. Fortunately, a handler helps her up with her dress... which is stunning by the way.

5:05 - As we near the end of the red carpet, Glenn Close breezes by me. She is just beautiful in green. Love that she has a coat that goes with the dress. Much better than Gwyneth's odd cape.

5:00 - Just rounded the corner and almost to the theater. This is the spot to hang out as all the celebs are still posing for another pit of photographers. I should have just hung out down here all night!

4:50 - As George Clooney does interviews, his girlfriend Stacy Keebler spots her friend Brooke Burns and they share a girly moment over their dresses. George doesn't even notice Stacy isn't paying attention.

4:45 - It's serious gridlock but not where the celebs are. Us lookie-loos can't seem to keep the line to get in moving. Everyone just wants to see what people are wearing.

4:30 - Cameron Diaz works the red carpet. Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the same time. I believe they share a publicist. I'm sorry but what is the dealio with Gwyneth's odd cape? Is she a superhero? I mean it's cold out here but you gotta suck it up!

4:28 - So for some reason there is something all over the red carpet by Ryan Seacrest's position. Later I found out why when I heard about what Sasha Baron Cohen did. (More details - HERE!)

4:25 - Colin Firth arrives and these three ladies in front of me squeal like little teenagers. You would think the Brit was Justin Bieber.

4:20 - Woo hoo. We are on the red carpet just as Jennifer Lopez stops to pose for the photographers and pose and pose and pose and did I mention pose? Lady loves those cameras. Meanwhile Meryl Streep stops for a few photos and then moves on.

4:12 - Finally made it to the entrance. Now just have to wade through security. They have it roped off like a ride at Disneyland. Weeee. Let's get this ride started.

4:05 - Just heading up the main road. We are surrounded by limos on every side of us. I keep peeking in the windows to see if I spot celebs. Of course the windows are all tinted dark which makes it a wee bit tough.

3:30 - The limo arrives to head to the big show. There is tons of security so it's going to take at least an hour to get to the theater. Settling in for a long ride.

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