On a very 'Glee'-ful Thanksgiving: Superheroes, a love triangle, and sweater vests [Exclusive video]

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Mr. Schuester's gone, a new love triangle explodes and the whole school's gone superhero-mad…if that doesn't sound like typical Thanksgiving activity, the fact that it's a "Glee"-ful holiday-night episode should explain things.

"Dynamic Duets" is the name of Fox's Thanksgiving-night installment, in which a sweater-vested Finn (Cory Monteith) is filling in as McKinley's music teacher, and his idea of what the glee club should do for Sectionals seems even worse than his apparent decision to raid Mr. Schue's wardrobe.

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Meanwhile, as the triangle between Marley (Melissa Benoist), Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist), and Ryder ("The Glee Project" winner Blake Jenner) leads to an insult-swapping locker session (see above clip), Blaine (Darren Criss) is recruited by the new supervillain-y, cat-stroking leader of the Dalton Warblers, and McKinley students reveal their inner superheroes (complete with costumes for Femme Fatale, Asian Persuasion, and Tarantula Head, and hero-themed songs like R.E.M.'s "I Am Superman" and Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero").

And while Kurt (Chris Colfer), Rachel (Lea Michele), and Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) are absent for the entire episode, "Glee" fans will be happy about the return of other favorites, namely Sebastian, and Brittany's Siri-ish phone friend, Kiki.

Watch last week's performance of "You're the One That I Want":


"Glee" airs Thursday, 11/22 at 9 PM on Fox.