Olivia Wilde Compares Sex to Kenyan Runners

Meg Swertlow
The Insider
Olivia Wilde Compares Sex to Kenyan Runners

At Monday night's These Girls monologue reading at Joe's Pub in NYC, Olivia Wilde read a candid personal monologue in which she talked openly about her divorce, her body and hot sex with her boyfriend. Hubba hubba! While she didn’t reference her beau by name one can assume she is speaking of Jason Sudeikis, her boyfriend since last December, whom she said during the monologue that having sex with him was "like Kenyan marathon runners."

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While I have never heard that turn of phrase myself, I am going to assume that she was trying to say that like Kenyan runners, she and Sudeikis (sexually speaking) were world class and that like marathon runners, the duo could last a very long time. I must admit these are probably details/images I didn’t need in my mind – but hats (or pants) off to the happy couple.

Despite giving up all the steamy details – Wilde also managed to add some sweet things about her relationship, saying she was "blissfully, hopelessly, wildly in love." Love, sex, money, good looks, fame! I guess Olivia Wilde has it all. Well isn’t that just dandy? I’m gonna go stick my head in a oven now. I ll talk to you guys later.

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