Nick Offerman's 25 Most American Activities

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
Nick Offerman's 25 Most American Activities

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman has created one of the small screen's most patriotic characters, ever, in Ron Swanson.

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Now, for the July issue of GQ, Nick's offered up a list of the 25 Most American Things You Can Do on Independence Day, and while the whole list is worth clicking over to (here), these are my 10 favorite suggestions:

1. Shoot your own dinner entrees.
3. Carry a sidearm into church.
5. Place a beef-jerky bouquet on John Wayne's grave.
9. Visit the historical home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and drink a half pint of Old Darlin'.
10. Urinate in North Dakota.
17. Appreciate firsthand the natural beauty of American women, particularly my American wife.
18. Not hear any Dutch accents.
19. Stand at the northern border and pass gas into Canada.
22. Catch a largemouth bass, release it, then drive to McDonald's in a Hummer and step up to a delicious McRib.
24. Become obese, then immobile, and get famous for it.

For more of Nick's GQ Interview (the stuff he says about wife Megan Mullally will melt your heart), click here!

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