Nelly Detained After Cops Find Drugs, Gun at Infamous Texas Checkpoint

Kate Stanhope
October 11, 2012

Nelly | Photo Credits: David Becker/WireImage
Nelly | Photo Credits: David Becker/WireImage

When will celebrities learn to stay away from Sierra Blanca, Texas?

Following in the footsteps of Willie Nelson, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dogg and, most recently, Fiona Apple, rapper Nelly was detained Wednesday night at the now-infamous checkpoint after police found drugs and a loaded gun on his tour bus, TMZ reports.

Fiona Apple arrested on drug possession charges

The 37-year-old rapper, real name Cornell Iral Haynes, and all six other passengers on board the bus were detained after authorities found 10.4 pounds of marijuana, .64 ounces of heroin and a .45 caliber pistol. However, Nelly and five others were released when one man claimed the weapon and substances belonged to him. He was arrested and is awaiting bond.  

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