NBA superstar Chris Bosh guest-stars on 'Jessie' [Exclusive video]

Yahoo! TV

The NBA's Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat is bringing his all-star moves and his acting chops to the Disney Channel's "Jessie." What is this 6'11" South Beach superstar doing in New York? He'll be playing basketball, of course, but not against his usual opponents.

In this exclusive clip, an overly confident Luke gets in Bosh's face (after climbing on top of a park bench) because he's pretty positive that his favorite local basketball team, the Knicks, is going to kick Bosh's butt. But Bosh, who obviously doesn't back down to the cocky teen, questions his confidence: "Do you really believe that?" Let's just say that Luke knows better and retreats. But, hey, what's B-ball without the smack talk?

Little Zuri, one of the kids Jessie nannies, walks up the pro baller and screams, "Nice to meet you, Chris!" But she's not yelling because he's three times her height; it's because Jessie lets her yell only in the park. That's good baby-sitting!

Supergirly Emma swoops in and surprisingly has some advice for the Heat that she wants Bosh to pass on to his coach: "Pink piping on your basketball costumes." That sounds more like it.

Ravi is in awe of how "vertically gifted" Bosh is; he's sure that basketball must be a cinch for the pro. A humble Bosh says that with all the tall, talented players in the NBA, it's not as easy as it may seem. Ravi is less than impressed and not in the mood to listen to Bosh complain. Tough crowd!

To find out who wins the game and what antics ensue, tune in to "Jessie" on Friday, 1/18 at 8:30 PM on the Disney Channel.