Miley Cyrus’ Marriage Ultimatum To Liam Hemsworth

Nicole Karlis
Miley Cyrus’ Marriage Ultimatum To Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus’ Marriage Ultimatum To Liam Hemsworth

Oh no! Miley reportedly gave Liam the ultimatum: ‘Marry me or I will dump you.’ Read on to find out why!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s engagement was definitely an unexpected one.

And now has learned exclusively that this out-of-the-blue commitment could have been propelled by Miley’s alleged ultimatum. A source tells us the 19-year-old was reportedly feeling so insecure about Liam’s career sky-rocketing that she felt like she had to force him to commit to her for life.

“Miley is feeling insecure about her career right now and about her relationship. Liam’s career is sky-rocketing and Miley is afraid that he will eventually dump her, so she gave him an ultimatum: ‘Marry me or I will dump you,’” a source tells “Miley has so many issues to work out right now and getting married is just a major distraction. She has absolutely no direction from her parents… they just want Liam to take care of Miley, so they don’t have to.”

However, Miley’s recently tweeted about being in “heaven.” Clearly she’s in post-engagement bliss.

“Somehow I just ended up in silk and cashmere. I feel like I am in heaven,” she tweeted on June 10.

We just hope Miley and Liam are getting married for the right reasons.

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– Reporting by Sandra Clark

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