Michael Jackson’s funeral delayed because Janet wanted her $40K burial deposit back, says new book

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When Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine was “abducted” from the home she shares with her grandchildren and held against her will in Arizona by some of her kids in July, it exposed all the greed and backstabbing that has consumed the family since MJ’s 2009 death. And in a new book, Untouchable, author Randall Sullivan further blows open the doors on what exactly went down in the hours after the King of Pop overdosed on the painkiller propofol – and how the singer's own flesh and blood has been after his millions ever since.

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In an excerpt of the book obtained by Vanity Fair for its November issue, Sullivan reveals that mere hours after Michael’s death at his rented chateau in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills, his older sister LaToya showed up with her boyfriend Jeffre Phillips and demanded to be allowed in. “We’re family and we should have access to the house,” they reportedly claimed.

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Not long after the two were granted entry into Michael’s abode, which he shared with his three children, his mother also showed up and called Grace Rwaramba, the recently-fired nanny of Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10. According to Rwaramba, Katherine said, “Grace, the children are crying. They are asking about you. They can’t believe their father died.” Then, without missing a beat, she added, “Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house? I’m here. Where can it be?”

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Michael apparently used to put his money in black garbage bags, which he then hid under the carpets at his home. Ronald Williams, who handled security at the Holmby Hills residence, tells Sullivan that he saw LaToya and her boyfriend stuffing black garbage bags into duffel bags at the house, which LaToya denies (she says nearly all the money was gone by the time she arrived at her brother’s mansion).

The next morning after Michael’s death, his younger sister Janet showed up at his house, moving van in tow – and a few hours later, it left with LaToya’s boyfriend behind the wheel. Katherine, Janet, and LaToya “camped out for most of the week,” Williams tells Sullivan, adding that the trio came and went “whenever they felt like it.”

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When it came time to bury their beloved cash cow, the scheming over money did not cease. According to Sullivan’s book, Michael was not laid to rest until September 2009 (he died on June 25) because Janet would not allow it until his estate repaid her the $40,000 cemetery deposit that she had ponied up to secure him a spot at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

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As for the July incident with Katherine, which left Michael’s three children without supervision for about two weeks before a judge appointed their cousin TJ as their new guardian, that too had to do with money. Untouchable reveals that Janet arranged for her 82-year-old mother to be checked out by a physician before she traveled to Albuquerque to watch her sons’ Unity Tour – but she lied to the elderly woman and told her the unknown doctor was an associate of her own … but he was actually Dr. Allen Metzger, who was a defense witness at the trial of the man convicted of manslaughter in Michael’s death, Dr. Conrad Murray.

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Dr. Metzger told Katherine that her blood pressure was a bit high and advised her not to make the road trip to Albuquerque. Instead, she and her oldest daughter Rebbie headed to the airport, where she soon realized she had been booked for a flight to Tucson. When Katherine arrived at the Miraval Resort & Spa there, Janet greeted her. According to the excerpt in Vanity Fair, five of her children, including Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, and Randy, “were attempting to gain a conservatorship over her, possibly by demonstrating her incompetence to serve as guardian of Michael’s children. They hoped to gain control of their brother’s fortune, which would follow Prince, Paris, and Blanket wherever they went.”

Although Katherine's representatives cooperated with Sullivan on his book, the rest of the Jackson family has yet to comment on his claims.

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The November issue of Vanity Fair will hit newsstands nationally on October 9.

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