Mason Disick Inspires 2011′s Third Most Popular Baby Name for Boys

OMG Famous

Mason Disick is the only Kardashian product we want to buy into: he's cute as a button, his on-camera antics are never staged and he turns 2 years old this month. As it happens, America also adores the Kardashling -- or maybe just his moniker. The name "Mason" appears third for boys in a new list of 2011's most popular baby names, released today by Babycenter (via SFGate).

Aiden lands at No. 1, followed by Jackson in second, then Mason, then Liam, then -- here we go -- Jacob, which used to be a respectable name but has now been slightly tarnished by "Twilight" and inappropriate images of a shirtless Taylor Lautner. Glergh. Back to Mason: according to Babycenter, the trendy toddler son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick influenced an eight-spot leap to No. 3 for boys, a significant spike -- in popularity -- ahead of his mom's name and those of his aunts, specifically Khloe and Kylie. ("Kimberly" saw a mini-increase but we predict a huge drop in 2012, given the backlash and all.)

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