Malin Akerman Dated Older Man Fabio, 28, When She Was 16

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Malin Akerman Dated Older Man Fabio, 28, When She Was 16

On her new sitcom Trophy Wife, Malin Akerman plays the young, third wife of an older man. And though she hasn't found herself in that same exact situation before, the Swedish actress admitted on the Monday, Oct. 7 episode of Chelsea Lately that she has, in fact, dated much-older men.

"Your husband on the show is a lot older than you," host Chelsea Handler pointed out at one point during the interview. "Have you had sex with a lot of older men? Like really old?"

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A chuckling Akerman, 35, shook her head no at first, "Let's not go Viagra, geriatric."

But, the actress admitted, she did once have a relationship with an older gentleman back in the day. 

"I was 16 and he was 28," Swedish-born Akerman said. "That's a big age difference, in some countries. This was in France. …His name was Fabio, so that's awesome."

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Handler, 38, exclaimed that she, too, had a relationship with an older guy back when she was a teen, except that their age difference was just 10 years, as compared to Akerman's 12.

"That's a big age difference! That's illegal!" Handler said with a gasp.

Akerman admitted that though the May-December romance sounds shocking, it was in actuality not that unusual where she grew up.

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"[Growing up], I vacationed a lot in European countries where there are no rules -- drink at any age, have sex at any age obviously," she explained.

"This is awesome that we're talking about this," the 35-year-old actress said at one point. "My son's in the back."

"Your son is 4 months old!" Handler exclaimed. "He can't hear a thing!"

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Akerman, who tied the knot with longtime love Roberto Zincone in June 2007, gave birth to her first son Sebastian in April.

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