Lindsay Lohan named a suspect in stolen jewelry case: report

Kathleen Perricone
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The man who claimed he had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen during a house party attended by Lindsay Lohan may have recanted his story, but police are still investigating – and they have reportedly named the actress a suspect. According to TMZ, Lohan and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both in hot water for the crime, which occurred after an all-night party at the Hollywood Hills mansion of Sam Magid. LAPD detectives supposedly contacted a lawyer representing Lohan and Doyle asking to interview the two about what happened that night – but the lawyer rejected the request.

Lohan, 26, has been in New York City ever since the story broke that she was suspected of letting the two men into the party who were later fingered as the culprits. In a bizarre twist, Magid changed his tune a few days later and claimed nothing was stolen, but police sources tell TMZ that there are independent witnesses who have identified the “Liz & Dick” actress and Doyle – who were also at the party with her 16-year-old brother Cody – as the thieves and therefore the case is still open.

The day police arrived at Magid’s home following his call about the missing jewelry, they tried to question Lohan, but she reportedly took off before they got the chance.

If Lohan is charged with this latest crime, it would mean serious trouble for her because she is still on probation for stealing a $2,5000 necklace from a Venice, California, jewelry store in January 2011.

Over the years, Lohan has also been accused of taking an $11,000 fur coat from a nightclub, $400,000 worth of jewelry from an Elle magazine shoot, and a closet full of expensive clothing from a former friend during a house party.

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