Lindsay Lohan is no-show for work on ‘Canyons’ set

Kathleen Perricone
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For an actress who is so desperate to work, Lindsay Lohan sure has a hard time actually putting in the hours. The troubled redhead was a no-show on Wednesday to do voiceover work for her upcoming movie, “The Canyons,” according to its writer Bret Easton Ellis. The scribe tweeted at the end of the day that he had sent over Patrick Bateman, the serial killer from his 1991 book American Psycho (which was also made into a movie starring Christian Bale in 2000), “to Lindsay Lohan's hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f***ing ADR [Automatic Dialog Replacement] on The Canyons today..."

Although Ellis did not go into further detail about Lohan’s absence and whether or not she rescheduled, his followers were quick to comment on the actress’ reliability – or lack thereof. “Why did she miss her ADR? Um, she's Lindsay Lohan...,” wrote producer Dana Brunetti. “This is the first I've heard of the adorable star of ‘The Parent Trap’ getting into some shenanigans!” added Ryan Riddell.

No word yet from Lohan, but we can only assume she will have a carefully-crafted excuse.

This is, of course, not the first time the 26-year-old has had issues showing up to work on time. While filming the Lifetime made-for-TV movie “Liz & Dick,” Lohan reportedly made it a habit to arrive at the set hours late – and then not know her lines. When she filmed a cameo on “Glee” this past spring, she was three hours late on April 25 and only made it to work because production sent a car to pick her up from the Chateau Marmont. Once on set, "Lindsay was a total nightmare," a show source told E! Online. "She just didn't want to be there. She did not want to work. She had not memorized her lines, and she kept disappearing so no one could find her."

Lohan has been playing this game since at least 2006 when she was filming “Georgia Rule” with Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda. At the time, the film’s producer James G. Robinson wrote an open letter to the young star for her “bogus excuses” for not showing up to work and made it clear he was “well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called 'exhaustion.'”

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