Lauren Conrad, book murderer?

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Warning to all book lovers: the video below may disturb you. In it, Lauren Conrad cuts up a bunch of books with a utility knife all in the name of “crafting.” In fact, the former “Hills” star (and an author herself) caught so much backlash for the “book murders,” she took the video down not long after she posted it on Thursday. LC’s intentions were good: She wanted to show fans how to create a “Bookshelf Box.” At the start of the video, she explains, “This is a great way to display vintage books or slightly used books and also create a unique storage space.Then she takes a knife out and starts desecrating a stack of Lemony Snicket books!

One by one, Conrad, 26, cuts the front and back covers off the books. Then, she removes all their pages, which she says could be used for a later project. (In the video, she admits she uses them to decorate her office walls). All of this is done just to get the spines of the books. Once she has them all lined up, Conrad shows crafters how to glue each one on the side of the box, creating a bookshelf effect – for people who don’t read, but want their friends to think they do!

Not surprisingly, fans were appalled that Conrad – who heads up her very own book club on her web site – would destroy books simply for a crafting project, and they let her know it. In the comments section below the video on its YouTube page (which no longer exists), many accused her of “murder.”  Another user chimed in, “'I have a few books I'd like to cut up. One of them is called L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad.”

But “Book-Gate” has not deterred Conrad from staying in the crafting game. After removing the offensive video, she posted another where she made a cork board out of old wine corks. Let’s hope they were from bottles LC already drank – and she didn’t just pour perfectly good Merlot down the drain!

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