Kris Allen Releases A Dance Track?!?

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Kris Allen's Brand New 'Vision'

Kris Allen has made a name for himself as a singer/songwriter with a huge heart, amazing arms and a penchant for V-neck tees.

Sorry, I got a little off topic for a second.

My point is and was that Kris has never produced the kind of music that makes you pop outta your seat, run to the dance floor and shake that ass. Until now.

Kris' Halloween Hilarity

The American Idol winner is working on a follow-up to his self-titled CD and one of the tracks, Vision of Love, has hit the web! The song, remixed by Finnish duo Maison & Dragen, probably won't sound like this on the album but it's nice to remind the industry that Mr. Allen is not only capable of making your heart sigh or skip a beat (seriously, the arms) -- but also get it pumping!