Kevin McHale & His Super Cute Dog Stump For PETA's Pet Adoption Campaign

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Kevin McHale and Sophie for PETA -- PETA

Kevin McHale has a busy schedule, playing senior high school student Artie on "Glee," but he took time recently to help out needy pets in shelters.

The "Glee" star posed for a PETA ad campaign aimed at getting animals adopted, under the slogan, "Adopt. Don't Buy."

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The cute pup in the ad with the actor and singer is named Sophie, a cuddly cutie he found at a shelter, following the encouragement of his fellow "Glee" castmates.

"I fostered her for a week to see how she worked on the 'Glee' set, and she worked out great," he said in an interview with PETA. "A few months later, she's still mine. I didn't bring her back, I kept her... It was kind of just a no brainer to do it.

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"There is somewhere else to look for pets and they need homes," the longtime dog lover added, referring to pet shelters.

Click HERE to check out behind-the-scenes footage of Kevin and Sophie's PETA shoot.

-- Jolie Lash

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