Kelly Osbourne admits to alcohol-induced breakdown on plane, blames it on brother Jack’s MS diagnosis

Kathleen Perricone
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So much for being sober. It was reported earlier this week that Kelly Osbourne – who claimed in 2010 that she no longer drank after going to rehab for painkillers the year before – was spotted downing four to five alcoholic beverages on a June 19 flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta. According to the report, Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter was so drunk, she had to be helped off the plane by an assistant. In an interview with RadarOnline, Osbourne, 27, comes completely clean. “I don’t think it’s fair for me to lie,” she says. “I’m not going to say I didn’t do something when I did it.”

So then why did she do it? According to the “Fashion Police” star, before she boarded the flight, a man came up to her to express his concern for her brother Jack, who recently revealed he’s battling multiple sclerosis. The man said he too has a brother with the disease and he directed Osbourne to a website for more information. “On the plane I started looking at the website,” she explains. “It described how bad certain cases of MS got, and it made me lose it because I’ve sat through my mother having breast cancer, my dad almost dying from a bike accident, and now it’s my brother, who’s my best friend. I lost it.”

But although it was concern over Jack’s illness that triggered her boozing, Osbourne insists that it’s not an excuse. In fact, she also revealed that she does still drink from time to time, despite her battles with addiction. “I have the occasional drink. I will never lie about that. That’s my choice that I make and I’m an adult and I have to be responsible for my actions. But it’s not like I was f--king claiming there was a colonial woman on the wing,” she adds, referencing a very memorable scene from “Bridesmaids” in which Kristen Wiig’s character shouts mid-flight about a Colonial woman churning butter on the wing after she mixed prescription pills and alcohol.

“The way I live my life after going to rehab is not the way that most people do,” Osbourne continued. “It isn’t. Yes, I still drink and I’ve always said that. I do have the occasional drink. I’m not using, I haven’t. I won’t. I’m not going to do that. I had a moment of just, ‘is this really happening to me all over again?’ And unfortunately it was in front of everyone.” The outspoken star, who called out Christina Aguilera for calling her “fat” last year, then took a swipe at Lindsay Lohan, who  also has had her share of failed rehab tries (police found a water bottle filled with alcohol at the scene when she crashed her car a few weeks ago). “I’m not one of those starlets that’s drinking vodka out of a water bottle thinking no one knows. If I’m going to have a f--king drink, I’m 27 years old. I’m going to have one. Unfortunately I decided to have one on a plane to Atlanta and burst into tears.”

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