Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise’s Children Will Be Told She’s the Enemy

Christopher Rogers
Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise’s Children Will Be Told She’s the Enemy
Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise’s Children Will Be Told She’s the Enemy

Katie and Tom’s lawyers may be negotiating a divorce settlement, but an ex-Scientologist tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that the downfall of the split will come in the form of Katie’s relationship with Tom’s kids, Isabella and Connor! Read on for more details!

After five years of marriage, Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. In that time, Katie has become known as “mom” to Tom’s kids Isabella and Connor Cruise. Unfortunately, their relationship may be tarnished as Katie is reportedly being pegged as the enemy in their split!

An ex-Scientologist tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “People need to wake up to the truth about Scientology. The so-called church is ripping apart families and brainwashing people. I am disgusted and shocked that someone like Tom Cruise buys into all if this craziness. I am appalled that Hollywood supports him! Katie is being tormented right now without a doubt, she is being told that she is an enemy and a bad influence!”

Not only does the source suggest that Katie’s relationship with her stepchildren be ruined as Nicole Kidman’s was, but her career will allegedly be a target as well!

The source continues, “Connor and Isabella who once called Katie ‘Mom’ will be manipulated to see her as the enemy. They will command them to ‘disconnect’ from her. How can a church call anyone an enemy? They will try and intimate Katie and want to even convince her own daughter that she is the enemy. All of us who have escaped have been intimidated. They will try to ruin her life, her relationship with Suri, and her career! What saddens me is that Connor and Isabella will no longer have anything to do with the loving person they once called ‘Mom’!”

Katie, 33, reportedly met with her divorce lawyers on July 6  and 7, most likely trying to move the divorce ahead as quickly as possible with a settlement, so she can move on with her life!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Whose side are you on — Tom, 50, or Katie?

– Reporting by Susan McDonald, Writing by Christopher Rogers

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