Joss Stone Calls Murder Plot Against Her A 'Crazy' Incident

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Joss Stone Calls Murder Plot Against Her A 'Crazy' Incident

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Last month, two men were arrested near Joss Stone's home in England, accused of having plotted to murder and rob the singer, and the star is still stunned by the incident.

"That is a little bit crazy. That is. God, I could go on about that for some time," Stone told Access Hollywood as she sat down to promote he new album, "LP1," due out on July 26.

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The singer said the incident has had her second-guessing various incidents in her own life.

"I feel like... I've turned into Sherlock Holmes like, 'Oh, ok, well maybe this person? But no, can't be. Well what about this time I went to this place and I told that guy to shove it? No, it's not him. No, I don't know.'

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"People are crazy," Stone continued. "People are crazy and maybe they need a hug? Or a spliff? I don't know... they need something. It's very rude and uncouth... Like, 'Come on, can't you do something better with your Tuesday? It's very, very weird.'"

Stone said her mother is furious over the situation.

"Yeah, my mum's pretty pissed off, let me tell you," the singer said.


As previously reported on, two men were charged in mid-June after authorities arrested them near Stone's home.

The men were arrested after locals reported a suspicious looking vehicle.

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The defendants had a samurai sword in their car when they were arrested, a lawyer previously told the Associated Press.

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