Jessica Simpson: I've Lost Over 40 Pounds!

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Jessica Simpson: I've Lost Over 40 Pounds!

Jessica Simpson's first Weight Watchers commercial premieres tonight, but before she officially becomes a pitchwoman, Jessica was the first guest on Katie Couric's new talk show and dished on her new eating habits!

While everything that comes along with daughter Maxwell is a "dream" for Jessica, it turns out that taking off the (rumored 80) pounds she put on during her pregnancy is something of a nightmare!

FIRST PHOTO - Jessica Simpson's Daughter, Maxwell

"I put on more baby weight than I was planning on," Jessica revealed. "It is definitely a challenge. I've had to stay focused on my diet, really concentrate on what I'm putting in my body. The tabloids try to put the pressure on you [but] I have to separate myself from the world's expectations. If I got caught up in what the world was saying, I wouldn't be here right now, being as phenomenal as I am."

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And Jessica is well on her way towards reaching that goal weight. Although she wouldn't pinpoint the number, Jessica did admit that she's lost more then 40 pounds. "It's really not about the number. I've lost enough number to where I can pat myself on the back," Jessica said (probably metaphorically).

PHOTO - Jessica's Pre-Pregnancy Body

Katie did note that Jessica's Weight Watchers commercial does not feature her body in any form (it's a super close-up on her face). "I didn't want the big body reveal moment -- it's not who I am," she says of keeping the ad on a tight shot. "Everyone has their own issues and I really wanted it to be about the spirit of Weight Watchers. I wanted to talk directly to people."

Jessica added that goal setting is the most important for her weight loss journey. "I set small goals for myself so I can achieve them every week – I've lost weight every week, but I've worked really, really hard. I have to shoot a new season of my show Fashion Star, so I want to be in all the pretty dresses. I'm 10 pounds away from that."

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