Jessica Chastain Goes Nude For GQ Shoot

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Jessica Chastain Goes Nude For GQ Shoot

Jessica Chastain stripped off that good-girl image she garnered from The Help and Tree of Life with this SUPER-sexy photo shoot for GQ magazine U.K. But don't let the bedroom pic fool you, this actress is not as comfortable with sex scenes as she may seem.

"I always find sex scenes embarrassing. But at times they are necessary – I get that," the sexy redhead, 35, told the magazine. "It’s a huge compliment when someone says you’re attractive, especially when I was such an awkward kid – I was very tomboyish, with very short red hair, running around with cowboy boots on."

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The tomboy-turned-vixen adds, "So when someone tells me I'm a sex symbol I'm like, 'what?.' But I'll take what I can get. That'll teach all those boys back in junior high! In fact, I hope my very first boyfriend, the guy I dated for one month and who broke up with me at the Valentine’s Day Dance – I hope that boy reads this article."

Chastain, who stars in the new film Zero Dark Thirty, certainly moved on from her junior high heartache, starring as Brad Pitt's wife in the Oscar-nominated Tree of Life. "He didn't have a huge entourage, nothing like that. He just showed up on his motorcycle on the very first day and went, 'Hi, I’m Brad," she said of the two-time winner of People's Sexiest Man Alive. "You just heard the rumbling of his bike and he'd appear like James Dean, or Marlon Brando from The Wild One. He was kind, he was generous, he'd never heard of me but he never made me feel less."

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For more with Chastain, including some additional sexy pics, check out her full interview HERE.

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