Jason Sudeikis Talks 'SNL' Future

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
Jason Sudeikis Confirms 'SNL' Return

With the exodus of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg, Saturday Night Live is facing its most daunting casting challenges in years -- one that might be made exponentially worse by the departure of Jason Sudeikis.

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In a new LA Times profile, Sudeikis says he's still undecided about returning for the show's 38th season. "I'd like the opportunity to use creative muscles that ... haven't been asked of me for the first nine years that I've worked there," he said. "It could be some sort of title change. The least of the concerns is anything financial. I'm not buying a boat because of writing skits. It's more having a desire to give more to a place I really believe in. To stay just for the juice of being in the public eye -- of being Mitt Romney -- is not enough."

VIDEO - Sign Up For Jason's Campaign

Out of all the men currently rounding out SNL's cast, Sudeikis (along with Bill Hader) is doing the best on the big screen. The 36-year-old has not only been the best part of several comedies (Going The Distance, Hall Pass, Horrible Bosses), but he stars alongside Will Ferrell in The Campaign (out Friday) and is currently filming We're The Millers with Jennifer Aniston.

So Sudeikis fans can rest easy knowing that if SNL loses him, we will not!

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