J Law: Katniss is a Male Hero With a Vagina

Antoinette Bueno
The Insider
J Law: Katniss is a Male Hero With a Vagina

Never one to hold back in interviews, Jennifer Lawrence is telling us how she really feels about her character Katniss in the mega-successful Hunger Games franchise.

"[Katniss is] this Joan of Arc who doesn’t see herself that way," she tells The Daily Beast in a new interview. "She kind of grows into it. And she's strong, like a male hero with a vagina."

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She also doesn't give the standard pr-approved answer that she initially auditioned for the highly coveted role because of her love for the character in the Suzanne Collins best-sellers -- she admits she auditioned at first because she wanted to clinch the role that every girl in Hollywood wanted. "If I'm honest with myself, the thing that was driving me to do the audition was being competitive. Everybody was auditioning."

But there is something about her critically acclaimed performance that she doesn't like -- her awkward running.

"I don't understand why nobody stopped me from doing karate hands. Hey, Jen, ball your fists. Relax your face. I look like I'm imitating an ape," she jokes.

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As for her notoriously headline-worthy interviews, like telling Elle she's considered "obese" in Hollywood, Jennifer says she's not good at lying and actually struggles with interviews.

"If I were reading my interview, and I love saying this during an interview, I'd be like, 'This girl blows.'"

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