J.C. Judges Britney & Christina's Reality

Jarett Wieselman
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J.C. Judges Britney & Christina's Reality

MMC (a 1989 reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club) has been snagging headlines all over the place lately since its alumni are more omnipresent than ever -- not only is ex- Britney Spears rumored to be joining The X Factor as a season two judge, but ...Baby One More Time served as a not-so-subtle kiss-off in an on-going cold war between The Voice mentor Christina Aguilera and contestant Tony Lucca -- both former members of the Mouse House as well.

So when I was chatting with J.C. Chasez (who also got his start on The Disney Channel reboot) about his work as a judge on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, I was curious to hear what he thought about Britney dishing out advice and Christina dishing out disses.

While many (yours truly included) isn't in favor of Britney sidling up to Simon Cowell, J.C. couldn't be more excited by the possibility. "Britney's at a point in her life where she can handle it. If you can be a mother and go through as much controversy as she's gone through and come out the other side in one piece, then you can pretty much take on anything the TV world is going to throw at you," J.C. tells TheInsider.com.

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He went on to explain why he believes she can bring something fresh to the format. "People can call her this, they can call her that – at a time in her life they called her unstable – but from my eyes, I call her successful. And there's a reason for that. Someone can be successful for one album based totally off luck but when you're a success for as long as she's been a success, luck has nothing to do with it. There's an insight and an understanding of what the public wants that she has. Britney will be able to share that with the people she's judging and the audience at home as well."

And while J.C. had equally kind words for Christina ("She's a great judge because she understands the voice itself. From top to bottom. She's not just a vocalist, she's a vocal acrobat."), he takes exception at a couple of the comments she's lobbed at Tony.

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"I respect her judgment, but I personally didn't think she was right to call him one-dimensional," J.C. said. "I'm biased, of course, but the one thing I can tell you – from listening to his music and watching him perform – is that he is anything but one dimensional."

However, J.C. does share Christina's hope that Tony's famous fans (she called him on the carpet for getting Twitter support from Justin Timberlake, another ex-Mouseketeer) aren't the reason he comes out on top. "Tony deserves to win, but I don't want to see him just win because people rallied around him because he was on The Mickey Mouse Club or friends with so-and-so. I want the public essentially rally around him because he has a lot to say. His voice is dynamic and he has a lot of experiences to share through his music."

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