In the Hot Seat: What to watch (or not) on TV talk shows the week of January 21

Sarah D. Bunting
Yahoo! TV
See New Kids on the Block Shirtless -- With Mustaches!

Monday, January 21

Watch: Find out what Michelle Obama's wearing to the inaugural balls on "Good Morning America." Conan's got a fun/foxy random guest combo with Timothy Olyphant and Busy Philipps (show of hands: who else wants to see a "Justified"/"Cougar Town" cross-over event?). And "The Daily Show" scores a SCOTUS: Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Skip: Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon, and Letterman are in reruns all week… and "Ellen" might seem like one, as she's talking with Pauly D of "Jersey Shore." We like that guy, but man, did that show end or not?

Tuesday, January 22

Watch: Guy Fieri teaches Rachael Ray how to make at-home versions of legendary snacks like Twinkies and SnoBalls (although we find it hard to believe that it's possible to replicate that weird marshmallow dome/shell without industrial machinery). The New Kids (yes, those New Kids) head to "The View" to make an exclusive announcement, and we have so many jokes about that, we can't choose just one. And what's Dana Carvey been up to? See if there's a "Choppin' Broccolooooo" Christmas album in the works when he chats with Jay Leno.

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Skip: We don't have high hopes for J. Lo's spot on "The Daily Show." Nor do we need any more Seacrest at this time of year, but the "Idol" host is on "Chelsea Lately."

Wednesday, January 23

Watch: "Good Morning America" greets "Project Runway" "judges" Zac Posen and Tim Gunn (we didn't know Tim was a judge now; could've just been a typo, but he's still fun). Luke Perry's on with Wendy Williams to talk about his new Hallmark Channel movie, "Never Talk To Me Again: The Brenda Walsh Story." (Just kidding, it's really called "Goodnight for Justice." Speaking of soap royalty, Joan Collins is on "The Talk," and "Live with Kelly & Michael" has a not-much-hair/perfect-hair random guest combo of Jason Statham and Christine Baranski.

Skip: We didn't mention earlier that Carson Daly is in reruns all week as well, so: this is us, mentioning it now.

Thursday, January 24

Watch: "The Chew" revisits an old standard -- what you can throw together using fridge staples -- but with an assist from Steve "Bobby Bacala" Schirripa, who may or may not wear the fat pad he used on "The Sopranos." The reliably smart Matt Damon is on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the reliably weird Christopher Walken is on "The Daily Show," and Leno has another '80s-time-machine guest, this time on the musical side, with Kenny "Footloose" Loggins and his current band. But the big news is Katie Couric's sitdown with Manti Te'o and his parents to get their side of the girlfriend-hoax story.

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Skip: Rachael Ray's recipe du jour, Chipotle Stroganoff, might taste good, but stroganoff is not one of the more attractive things you can see on your TV, so just wait for her to post it on the Internet. And if Scarlett drives you nuts on "Nashville," skip "The View" and Clare Bowen's performance.

Friday, January 25

Watch: Nicki Minaj is on with Jimmy Kimmel, and we're betting she's Carey-ing out some trash (talk) (sorry, that pun is lame). Jay Leno presides over tonight's random guest combo -- Robert DeNiro and Sherri Shepherd -- and Jude Law is on with Ellen.

Skip: "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison hits "GMA," and Drew Barrymore hawks her new make-up line (it's called "Flower"... of course) on "The View."

Dana Carvey as the Church Lady, below. And yes, that IS special.