Hugh Jackman vs. Colin Farell: Who's the Hotter Dad?

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To celebrate Father's Day, we're pitting 16 sexy celebrity dads against each other for the title of Hottest Dad in Hollywood. Not only are these men easy on the eyes, but they are doting fathers who make our hearts melt when we see them out and about with their kids. While it wasn't easy to narrow our list to just 16 (we apologize if some of your faves didn't make the cut), we did our best to include the cream of the crop pops. Help omg! determine who is the hottest dad of them all!

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(6) Hugh Jackman: Whether he's flexing his bulging biceps as Wolverine in the "X-Men" flicks or belting out Broadway show tunes, the 44-year-old Australian actor has a very broad appeal. However, he's perhaps at his most swoon-worthy when surrounded by family, including son Oscar, 13, and daughter Ava, 7, whom he adoringly dotes on all over their adopted hometown of NYC. Sealing the deal though is the way he talks about his wife of nearly two decades, Deborra-Lee Furness. He often gushes over his "beautiful" better half … making him even more irresistible in the process.

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(11) Colin Farrell: The appeal of the bad boy can never be underestimated ― and this sexy Irish actor has just been so good at being bad. However, we've fallen in love with the 37-year-old "Saving Mr. Banks" star all over again in recent years as he's largely transformed his life (but kept his salty vocabulary!) after becoming a father and then getting sober after 18 years of heavy drinking. The dad of 3-year-old Henry (with ex-girlfriend Alicja Bachleda) and 9-year-old James (with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave), who has Angelman syndrome, recently spoke of fatherhood in a way only he could, telling Details, "I still don't know what I'm doing, and that's a very liberating thing." It's exactly that kind of honesty that we love about him.