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Paula Patton for Rebook Crossfit -- Reebok

"I have to tell you, as a fairly new mom, the idea of being able to do a 7 to 30 minute workout and know it's enough is pretty amazing," Paula Patton reveals to Healthy Hollywood about her new workout craze - CrossFit.

This high-intensity group training regimen combines cardio and strength training with short rest intervals and optimizes time spent at the gym.

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Paula hails CrossFit her "perfect mommy workout." "I mean because it's so hard to find the time [to hit the gym], but you need to because something about when you workout the endorphins it lets out - the stress that you have just melts away," adds Paula.

Healthy Hollywood caught up with the "Mission: Impossible" star at Reebok's launch event for their new campaign - "The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived." The fitness brand has teamed up with CrossFit to motivate people to come to together and workout. "You go run on a treadmill it's very the idea of making fitness more of a sport and team activity is really appealing," reveals the actress.

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Paula, 36, is determined to keep up some of her fitness mojo she adopted during her training for "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Just five months after giving birth to her son in April 2010, she began two and a half hour daily training sessions. "After having a baby and then getting the role and having to do that much intense workout, I certainly didn't want to go home and give it all up. My trainer taught me so many different things - marital arts and various styles of kickboxing and boxing and capoeira. It's important to mix it up, because it keeps it interesting. You don't want to get bored in your workout routine."

Paula tries to sneak away from home and fit in a workout "almost everyday" and variety is certainly her game plan. "Shocking your body a little bit by trying new things is definitely the way to stay fit!"

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