Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday -The Fastest Lady On The Planet!

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Sanya Richards-Ross shoots her Women's Running photo spread --

Olympic champ Sanya Richards-Ross is on the run.

She's busy training for the World Track & Field Championship, has her eye on the Olympics 2016 and owns a hair salon. Then, there's her WE-TV reality show, "Sanya's Glam & Gold" with her hubby, football star Aaron Ross.

Healthy Hollywood is exhausted just thinking of all that Sanya does!

The four-time Olympic gold medalist opens up in the August issue of Women's Running on her busy life.

"There's always something to be training for, something to look forward to! I'm on the track for about two hours a day and then in the weight room for another two hours. Then I do about 30 minutes of ab work," she reveals in Women's Running.

She's also one athlete who never shortchanges her style. The 28-year-old always looks stylish and even wears a little makeup when she runs, adding, "I don't have a full face on, but I wear my eyeliner, some mascara, a light shadow and lip gloss."

"If you are a female that loves beauty, loves fashion, likes to get your nails done, that doesn't mean you can't be a great athlete," states Sanya.

The stylist champ does have a strict regimen to keep her on top of the running world. In addition to weights and core work, she's on the track for two hours a day. She won't fatty foods or carbs at night because it de-rails her fitness goals. But, she does leave the weekend for cheat days, revealing, "On Saturday or Sunday, I'll have something to treat myself with. My favorites are cheese pizza, rum raison ice cream and purple Skittles."

For of Sanya's interview, including her intense training secrets, check out the August issue of Women's Running.

-- Terri MacLeod

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