Guy Fieri's Super Bowl Fan Menu

Martin Rogers
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INDIANAPOLIS – Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has given Super Bowl fans the ultimate eating guide ahead of Sunday's big game -- devising an exclusive half-time snack menu for supporters of each team.

Fieri took time out from the Playboy Super Bowl party at the Bud Light Hotel to offer his expert guidance to the hungry hordes desperate for some delicious treats while watching the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants.

The restaurateur, host of the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," insisted that in order to truly get behind their team, Patriots' fans need to dig into a meal concocted in honor of the region's strong seafood tradition.

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"I would go some lobster roll," Fieri said. "My wife (Lori) is from Providence, RI., so she's got that kind of attitude about it. She knows that kind of food -- whenever we go up there it has something to do with seafood and lobster, so a good lobster roll has to be the way to go."

Fieri is no stranger to the lobster roll, having featured the meal on an episode of his show last year where he visited the Denver seafood eatery, Steuben's. However, the Giants posed more of a challenge for the 44-year-old, due to New York's incredibly varied cuisine. In the end, he went for a trusted old favorite.

"I just flew in from NY, it is kind of the melting pot of melting pots for food," he said. "That's where everyone is doing food, anything ethnic, all-American. I think if you are trying to do something quick and easy for Super Bowl, I would say some really good hot dogs.

"They've got that nice little snap. They've got that really great casing on them. That and maybe some killer pies, some killer pizza. Some nice thin crust, a little bit of cheese cooked the right way, those would be my options."

Fieri hopes that the masses will opt for something a little more creative than the traditional offerings of chips and dip as they prepare for what promises to be a tightly-fought contest at Lucas Oil Stadium. He even came up with an option for the neutral fan with no affiliation to the respective teams of Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

"I go in cycles," he said. "Sometimes I like cooking off a big roast and then slicing it thin and then doing different types like barbequed beef, but this year it is chicken wings, man. I am down with the chicken wings.

"You can cook them, kind of hold them, then fry them hot if you want to or bake them in the oven. Then you can put all different kinds of sauces on them. If you are having a big Super Bowl party like I usually do, you have to be able to feed the masses."

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