Grant Bowler: Working With Lindsay Lohan Was An Exercise 'In Patience'

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Grant Bowler stops by Access Hollywood Live on November 21, 2012 -- Access Hollywood

Grant Bowler says making "Liz & Dick" with Lindsay Lohan tested his patience at times and he wishes things had gone smoother while shooting their Lifetime movie.

"My focus was whether we could knuckle down and get a film made," he told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday's Access Hollywood Live.

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"We certainly took our time in a lot of ways when I would have preferred to be shooting," he said when asked about Lindsay's numerous incidents that stalled the production of the TV movie.

"I imagine you were mad at times?" Billy asked.

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"Well, you know, yeah," the Australian actor admitted. "But a part of the job is you're off when you're off, you're on when you're on and you're focused.

"Every single job is an opportunity to get better at my job, I've been doing this for 22 years and all I care about at the end of the day is how well I do my job and how well I serve my audience," he continued.

The 44-year-old actor, who portrays Richard Burton opposite Lindsay's Elizabeth Taylor, said he wished making the movie with his co-star had been easier at times.

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"There were exercises in patience and there were exercises in tolerance. I believe it could have been smoother at times, it could have been a lot smoother at times and we could have got a lot more done on a couple of days, but you get what you're given," he told Billy and Kit.

Adding, "When I was 18 or 19, I dug ditches on the side of the side of a hill for a living, it's not as bad as that!"

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The reviews from many critics of "Liz & Dick" might be less than stellar, and Grant offered up his own take of his TV movie.

"I'd probably give it a B," he said. "Our hair, makeup and wardrobe people did a phenomenal job. They should all be up for awards. The look of the thing is phenomenal."

"Liz & Dick," premieres on Lifetime on November 25 at 9 PM ET.

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