'Glee' Season 4 Song Preview!

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'Glee' Season 4 Song Preview!

For weeks we've been given sneak peek after sneak peek of what Glee season 4 will look like, but what will it sound like?!

Prayers were finally answered today as Gleeks were to a fan listening party via Facebook, and if you missed the five-track fiesta, here's what you have in store come September 13!

VIDEO - Behind the Scenes of Glee Season 4

1. Dance Again/ Americano (Jennifer Lopez/ Lady Gaga)

Kate Hudson takes on this diva mash-up, performing a catchy, Latina-inspired dance mix of J.Lo and Gaga's empowering anthems. Despite being a bit schizophrenic, the tune paints a bad-ass picture of what Rachel's got in store from her fierce teacher at NYADA.

2. It's Time (Imagine Dragons)

Darren Criss' golden pipes are on full display as he takes on this moody ballad on his own. No complaints here.

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3. Boyfriend/ Boys (Justin Bieber/ Britney)

Kevin McHale plays Britney to Darren Criss's Justin (Bieber, that is) in this sexy mash-up. In the intro, Kevin promises to deliver everything you'd expect in the unlikely mix with a "cheesy and boybandy" performance to match.

4. Gimmie More (Britney Spears)

Heather Morris resurrects Britney 2.0, covering the princess of pop once again to the tune of Britney's stripper anthem, Gimmie More with the newest batch of New Directioners. Verdict: Perfect on its own. Can't wait for the visual accompaniment!

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5. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

Yes, we're all tired of Call Me Maybe, but this ensemble feat gets props for being just as catchy as the original. It's difficult to identify just who's involved in the cover, but there's definitely a bit of Alex Newell (aka Unique) and Darren Criss in the mix.

Glee premieres September 13 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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