Glam Slam: Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Poise!

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Kate Middleton London Pregnant 2013 -- WireImage

Kate Middleton continues to be the picture of perfect poise, even during her pregnancy. No pregnancy waddles for her! I am so happy that she's feeling better and she certainly looks gorgeous and glowing, as she increases her public appearances.

Kate and I apparently have close due dates with both of us expecting in July; however, we couldn't be further apart, make that worlds apart, when it comes to our pregnancies. She is looking so incredibly chic... fitting in to the same "Emilia Wickstead" green coat that she wore last year on St. Patrick's Day. Lucky her... I don't think I can fit into much of anything from a couple of months ago, much less a year ago.

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Even when she got her heel stuck in a grate, she handled it with the utmost of grace. I, on the other hand, would have probably fallen flat on my face. In fact, I admit to being a good deal clumsier during pregnancy and am quite guilty of the famous "waddle."

I would kill for the hair and makeup team she has... I am living proof of how much hormones can wreak serious havoc on your skin and hair. And while I will never look as glam as she does, I still feel that she gives a pregnant woman like me inspiration. If she can make an effort to look great while battling debilitating morning sickness; well, then I can at least give pregnancy style the old college try, right?

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Well done Duchess, well done!

-- Ryan Patterson

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