Glam Slam: The Friday Five: Fun & Easy Resolutions

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Lea Michele dazzles in pink at The People's Choice Awards on January 10, 2013 -- Getty Images

If you like to set goals for yourself, we're not too far into 2013 to give up on making Resolutions. People StyleWatch's beauty director, Holly Carter, gives her top tips to amp up your style and beauty routines in 2013.

Wear more color

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"This year's hottest colors include: pink, lemon yellow and blue," says Holly. "Find out which of these colors best flatter your skin tone and go for it. (like Lea Michelle!) Pink flatters most skin tones but looks really great with darker skin. Yellow works great for those with reddish hair and blue is universally flattering!"

Get your nails in shape

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We all have our bad habits and biting nails or cuticles ranks right up there. This year, try caring for your cuticles by keeping them moisturized with oil. Also be sure to file nails in one direction to prevent breakage.

Bring your lunch to work

You'll save money, and it's healthier! It's a great way to kick off the year--knowing exactly what you will be eating for lunch every day.

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Find a great tailor

This is the easiest way to look polished and show off your figure. Take your simple pieces--like a sheath dress-- and have it tailored to fit your figure just right. It instantly takes off pounds and adds sophistication.

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Add superfoods to your diet

Amp up your diet by adding veggie juices or superfoods like goldenberries, which are full of protein and vitamins C and A. Try smoothies with flax seeds or on a salad.

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