George Clooney and Abe Lincoln: Cousins!

omg! from Yahoo!

He’s already an A-list movie star, and now, it turns out, he’s also got a presidential bloodline. According to, George Clooney and the 16th president are distant cousins – half-first cousins five times removed to be exact – and are related through Lucy Hanks, Lincoln’s maternal grandmother.

The 51-year-old isn’t the only celebrity to be related to the famous leader. Earlier this year, Tom Hanks announced that he too is a distant cousin of Lincoln’s, on Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks’ side of the family.

The genealogy website said it discovered the Clooney-Lincoln connection after researching more than three centuries of the former president’s family tree in preparation for the upcoming film, “Lincoln.” Perhaps if Steven Spielberg had known about the familial relationship he would have cast Clooney instead of Daniel Day Lewis for the lead role in his biopic? The staunch Democrat may not have wanted to play a Republican anyway.

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