Former ‘Saved By the Bell’ star Lark Voorhies insists bipolar diagnosis ‘is completely fictional’

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When Lark Voorhies sat down for an interview with omg!’s “The Yo Show” in May looking nothing like she once did as Lisa Turtle on “Saved by the Bell,” many wondered what was wrong with her. Then last month, the actress and her mother were interviewed by People magazine, and Tricia Voorhies revealed that her daughter was suffering from bipolar disorder – even though Lark, 38, was in denial about her illness. And in a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” she is still insisting she’s fine, although her words are confusing and, at times, nonsensical.

"I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry [on] my behalf,” Lark says in the interview set to air on Thursday night. “It's completely fictional."

Life has been tough for the former child star since “Saved by the Bell” went off the air in 1993. She’s been married and divorced twice and now lives at her mother’s home and only has few friends. But Lark is taking it all one day at a time. “It's much like fighting,” she notes. “When you enlist in the Army, you get yourself physically fit, mentally fit, and informational-wise fit, so it's just the same. It's like stage boot camp. You know, you put all the right elements together and you keep them going ... we have to be entertainers. This is our particular angle."

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Lark gave a similarly bizarre explanation to TMZ in late October after one of its cameramen spotted her leaving a Los Angeles restaurant with a male friend. Calling her mother’s claims that she was bipolar “comical,” she added – after taking a long pause where she bowed her head and closed her eyes – “Outside contract, everything else is funny … Well, you know, people want to express themselves and ... you know, they will do so at free random … [People magazine] and I are not in agreement, however. It’s so far left from what was actually [inaudible] or brought about."

However, People tells “Entertainment Tonight”: "People magazine spent hours with Lark Voorhies and spoke to those closest to her. We stand by our story."

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