First Look! Dan & Hamm Star In U.K. Comedy

Jackie Willis
The Insider
First Look! Dan & Hamm Star In U.K. Comedy

This is what happens when you combine Harry Potter and Don Draper ... it's not pretty. Daniel Radcliffe is playing Jon Hamm's younger self in a dark comedy that doesn't portray either actor in a flattering light.

The British miniseries, titled A Young Doctor's Notebook, is based on short stories by Mikhail Bulgakov and has Hamm playing a less-than-confident post-WWI doctor, Dr. Vladimir Bomgard who frequently talks to his younger self. The manifestation of his younger self is played by Radcliffe.

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It was the Mad Men star's idea to bring the stories to TV, and Hamm told that he hand picked the Harry Potter actor for the role of his younger self. "I literally said, 'The young guy should be Daniel Radcliffe.' Not really thinking about who looks like what, just knowing Dan is a talented guy and is interesting in doing different things. They asked, 'Do you know him?' And I didn't ... but I met him once, so I figured we could ask. So we did and he said yes."

The series does not have a U.S. release date yet, but will air on Sky Arts 1 in the U.K. in early December.

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