Fergie Is a Lindsay Lohan Lookalike

Jackie Willis
The Insider
Fergie Is a Lindsay Lohan Lookalike

Fergie looks so much like Lindsay Lohan in this photo, she could star in a Parent Trap sequel with the actress!

The Black Eyed Peas front woman, 37, posted an Instagram pic of herself wearing a blonde wig and a kimono-like robe with a caption that read: "What ever am I going 2 b 4 #Halloween this year? #costume"

Given the uncanny resemblance, we're guessing she's going as Lilo. Lohan aside, TheInsider.com office is abuzz about the size of the Fergie's hand in the photo. Was it photo shopped and if so, whatever for?

While Fergie was impersonating the Mean Girls star, the actual Lohan, 26, was posting her own pics. Following an altercation with her mother Dina early Wednesday morning at her mom's Long Island home, the embattled actress posted a pic of her holding a drink with a caption that read: "Enjoying some sugar free @drinkmrpink while traveling :) miss you @dinalohan..." According to the location indicator, the photo was taken at the La Quinta Inn in Austin, Texas.

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