Fergie Bares Cleavage to Promote Perfume

Jackie Willis
The Insider
Fergie Bares Cleavage to Promote Perfume

Eyes up here! Fergie is adding perfume promoter to her long resume of stuff she does, and to get your attention, she's using a little sex appeal.

The Black Eyed Peas front woman, 37, flaunts her cleavage in the new ad campaign for Avon's fragrance Viva. Donning a pair of skimpy white shorts, a matching blazer and a bosom-baring black mini-dress, all eyes are on Fergie as blurred-out men make their way down some stairs behind her.

She recently spoke with ELLE magazine on Cyber Monday about the fragrance saying, "Viva is very fresh, very cool, and it’s meant to be a wake-up call to embrace the power women have within themselves. It’s about taking charge and really taking life by the horns."

What do you think? Are you buying what Fergie is selling?

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