Drake Responds To Fan's Face Tattoo

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Drake Responds To Fan's Face Tattoo

Meet The Girl with the Dumb-ass Tattoo.

An image of an LA-based Drake fan, who had the singer's name tattooed on her forehead, has been the source of much online debate. Why would she take a love of music to this extreme? Should the tattoo artist have turned her away? What does Drake think?

The latter was recently answered when the R&B superstar talked tatts with Power 106's Mando Fresko. "I want to meet her and understand what happened," he said. "That's cool, though. I feel you a 100 percent. That, to me, is like absolutely incredible."

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Drake had less kind words for the man who inked the design. "The guy who tatted is a f***ing ***hole though, I will tell you that. I don't f*** with that guy. F*** you to that tat artist by the way, and you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don't f*** with you. And if I ever see you, I'mma f*** you up."

Upon hearing this, the tattoo artist Kevin Campbell spoke out, saying, "She was really psyched about it. She had the s**tty font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead. She acted as if she had planned it out for a while; though I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead."

Campbell also Tweeted, "Please say that Drake actually wants to f*** me up. I will totally fight Drake. One on one. Tell him to name a time and place."

Look for the rest of this to play out under an elm tree on the playground.