Donald Trump on A-Rod: 'He's A Bad Guy.'

Alex Ungerman
ET Online
Donald Trump on A-Rod: 'He's A Bad Guy.'

Never one to shy away from controversy, Donald Trump sat down with ET to talk about Major League Baseball star Alexander Rodriguez, in light of his doping scandal and potential lifetime ban, and he had some choice words for the disgraced all-star.

"He's a bad guy," remarked Trump, adding that "Major League Baseball is doing the right thing with respect to A-Rod."

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The TV personality and business magnate believes that A-Rod will accept whatever punishment the MLB gives him to avoid the rumored lifetime ban.

On the substantial contract the now-injured and embattled baseball player received with the Yankees, Trump claimed to have long ago advised the team against it.

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"I told the Yankees years ago that they should have stopped paying him."

A decision is expected by the league soon as to A-Rod's fate.

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