Demi Lovato walks off ‘X Factor’ set just like Britney Spears

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How hard is it to sit in a comfy chair and listen to people sing for a few hours? First, it was Britney Spears who repeatedly “needed a break” during “The X Factor” auditions, and now Demi Lovato is pulling the same stunt. The former Disney star decided not to return to the set on Monday night in San Francisco after a judges’ break, and her seat remained empty as auditions continued. “They just carried on taping without her," a source tells "It was a bit weird and everyone wondered where she'd gone." After about five minutes passed, Lovato returned to her seat and carried on with her judging duties.

Until now, Spears has been the one who has been playing hooky whenever the mood strikes her on “X Factor.” In fact, on the very first day of auditions in Austin, Texas, on May 24, the pop star – who is getting paid an outrageous $15 million for her one season on the singing competition – got up and walked off after a contestant butchered her song “Hold It Against Me.” After reports surfaced that Spears, who is still under a conservatorship, could not handle the pressures of the show, she tweeted, “LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!" The next day though, she did it again after a popular contestant wowed the crowd. And again during auditions in Kansas City on June 8, Spears, whose manager-fiancé Jason Trawick reportedly stands just a few feet from her at the judges’ table at all times, needed another “break.” 

Their love of breaks aside, Lovato, 19, and Spears, 30, have really bonded during their time together on “The X Factor.” The two former Disney starlets were reportedly in stitches during the Kansas City auditions when “X Factor UK” judge Louis Walsh was filling in for a sick Simon Cowell. According to Us Weekly, Walsh taught the two, as well as fellow judge L.A. Reid, a game he plays on his show where the judges choose a secret word before someone’s audition and then find a way to use it during their critiques. For the first round, Spears chose the word “tiger.” Reid told the contestant he “looks like a tiger in his tank,” which Lovato followed with saying, “I can see a little tiger action.” Spears, trying to keep a straight face along with Lovato, then told him “he was like a tiger.” Added the source, "Demi, Britney, and L.A. enjoyed the game, but no one is sure if Simon will be too happy with Louis for leading everyone astray.”

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