Damon Wayans Jr. on Following in His Dad’s Footsteps: ‘That Screen Was Just Calling Me’

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Considering he comes from a line of entertainers, it might seem like Damon Wayans Jr.’s decision to get into show business was an obvious one. But the actor tells omg! that he initially had other plans.

“I wanted to be an animator originally. I went to art school, I went to art college and everything,” Wayans shares in the interview. “But that screen was just calling me.”

The 30-year-old, who’s the son of Damon Wayans and nephew of Keenan Ivory, Marlon, and Shawn Wayans (all comedic actors), got a taste of the world of acting early on, starring in his dad’s film “Blankman” back in 1994, and appearing on his sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”

Since then, he’s truly followed in his famous family’s footsteps, and now stars in the ensemble sitcom “Happy Endings,” in which he plays a metrosexual unemployed businessman named Brad, sidekick to his competitive perfectionist wife Jane (played by Eliza Coupe).

If playing a comical role looks like it comes easy for Wayans, well, it all goes back to some important advice his dad gave him about the business of entertaining others. “He just said work really hard. Funny is simple, funny isn’t rocket science, so just don’t worry yourself,” explains Wayans. “Just have fun and enjoy the ride. That’s what I’m doing.”

When he’s not busy being funny on his ABC show, Wayans has been trying to spread the word about recycling and celebrated America Recycles Day last month with Bud Light, which has been touring the country with a 21-foot football goal post made entirely out of recycled cans.

“They set it up at different tailgating parties outside of games and they have fans kick the ball in the spirit of recycling,” he explains. “It’s a really fun way to have recycling in the front of your mind and think about how we can step it up even more.”

As for why recycling is so important to Wayans, well, that’s kind of in his blood, too.

“My name is recycled if you really think about it,” he jokes. “I was born to recycle.”

Check out the full interview with Damon Wayans Jr. along with pics of the “recycled” goal post here …

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